Why Test?

Because of our low prices, collectives can afford to test all of their medicine and either pay for it themselves or have it included in the vendor price. Collectives that test all their medicine and post results where patients can easily view them, find that:

  1. As patients become educated on personal potency requirements, they spend less time deciding on what medicine to get because they have narrowed their choice by potency range before a final decision usually based on smell and sight.
  2. Growers improve growing methods through feedback on potency of their medicine, presence of mold/fungus, and trichome appearance.
  3. Edible makers are able to produce consistent doses by knowing potency of medicine used in their edibles. We make sure that every edible maker we work with learns how to calculate doses for edibles.
  4. High CBD strains are encouraged through pretesting as early as 6 weeks after planting.