How To Prepare Samples For Potency Analysis

1 gm of bud taken from different parts of the plant – or different sections of the storage container/bag so that as random a sample as possible is created. Break off sections of bud instead of selecting just small buds.
Make sure plant material samples are fully cured – and then leave them exposed to air overnight to further dry them past what you normally dry for smoking – handle the samples carefully at this point, since trichomes are very fragile.

1gm – this gives us enough (if we mess up the sample preparation of a sticky concentrate) to prepare a second sample. Oils are best contained in syringes if you have one handy. These sample amounts allow us enough for sample preparation and visually checking for foreign objects/ mold/fungus/bugs.

An edible sample is a sample that contains animal fat or vegetable oil – this includes glycerin tincture. We prefer to test your “secret sauce” that you use to medicate your edibles, vs. the edibles themselves. A couple of teaspoons will be needed to test, unless it is a concentrate/oil –then follow instructions above. The dosage unit means what unit you want the potency for i.e.: 1 ml, 1 gram etc.

Sample drop-off

To drop of a sample early, write on the sample bag or container:
1. The name of the strain, concentrate, oil, infusion, tincture, edible ‘secret sauce’ etc.
2. Whether it is indoor/outdoor or greenhouse grown
3. The dominant strain ( indica, sativa, hybrid)
4. Who it is tested for (your name, your farm name etc.)
5. If it is an edible, the dosage you want the potency for — by default we use mg potency/ml liquid sample or mg potency/gram solid sample
6. State base of ‘secret sauce” i.e. butter, alcohol proof, type of oil used, etc..
7. Contact Information in case we need to ask you a question about your sample

a. Name
b. Phone number
c. Email address

If dropping samples off at one of our partner Dispensaries, enclose payment for each sample to be analyzed. Have Dispensary sign off on the bottom of the form and request this receipt as evidence of payment.